Student Activities

For improving the productivity and efficiency, and giving the students an opportunity,

  • To shape their own educational experience.
  • Give Hands on Experience in an academic setting.
  • Add value to their resume.

The Institute has formed the following clubs and committees:



The Placement Committee at PTVA's Institute of Management (PTVA's - IM) comprises of elected student representatives and a Placement Officer .
The student representatives act as a link between the Placement Officer and the other students in communicating information regarding the summer and Final recruitments.

The Mission of the Placement Committee is to ensure that all the students at the Institute have been placed successfully.

The roles and responsibilities of the Placement Committee are:

  • To prepare a Summer Internships Brochure and update it quarterly.
  • To prepare a Final Placements Brochure and update it quarterly.
  • To assist students in preparing their Resumes/CV.
  • To coordinate with the Technical Committee for updating the Institute’s website with information pertaining to placements.



The Technical Committee is the heart and soul of the Institute which comprises of elected student representatives.

The mission of the Technical Committee is to continuously upgrade the working of the Institute by providing technical solutions and making all the students aware of the latest happenings in the IT/Telecom Sector.

The roles and responsibilities of the Technical Committee are:

  • To maintain the Wi-Fi, Computer Centre and the IT Infrastructure of the Institute.
  • To organize various Seminars, Conferences, Paper Presentations and Exhibitions pertaining to IT/Telecom field.
  • To provide technical assistance to Web Committee/ Students at the Institute.



The Web Committee is a part of Technical Committee and acts as an interface between students, committees, faculty, corporate and various stakeholders.

The mission of the Web Committee is to continuously innovate, develop and maintain the external (outside the campus) and internal (in-campus) interface in a very user friendly and conducive manner so as to improve the productivity of all the parties involved including the website visitors.

The roles and responsibilities of the Web Committee are:

  • To conceptualize, develop and maintain the Institute’s website and Intranet.
  • To Co-ordinate with various committees and clubs for updating/editing the website content or adding information.
  • To maintain the Official Email-Ids of students, Committees, Clubs and Faculties.



The Discipline Committee comprises of elected student representatives whose mission is to ensure that the rules and regulations formulated by the Institute and accepted by all the students are obeyed and followed at all times.

The roles and responsibilities of the Discipline Committee are:

  • To inform the Institute about the students not obeying the rules and regulations.
  • To update the students about new/modified rules and regulations via email.
  • To ensure discipline is being maintained during any event at the Institute.



The Library Committee is a group of elected student representatives, the Librarian and the Assistant Librarian.

The mission of the Library Committee is to ensure that all the students get conducive learning environment at the Institute’s Library and strive towards achieving maximum number of recommended books, journals, CDs, DVDs, etc.

The roles and responsibilities of the Library Committee are:

  • To ensure students maintain theLibrary Rules and Regulations.
  • To purchase the books, journals, etc. recommended by the faculty/guest speaker as soon as possible.
  • To organize book fairs and give feedback to the authors based upon the ratings given by the respective readers.


The mission of the Editorial Committee is to keep the students abreast of the global business scenario and give them an opportunity to explore and challenge their minds with interesting debates on significant events around the world.

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Editorial Committee are:

  • To conduct a bi weekly news reading session.
  • To maintain a notice board and frequently update it.
  • To publish and circulate an in-house Newsletter called “Aakar” which is a collection of must read general management related articles, success stories and moral lessons from the corporate world.



The Cultural Committee comprises of elected students representatives and a faculty member. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, following this policy, the Cultural Committee ensures that the students get a right mix of sports and cultural activities along with their normal study curriculum.

The mission of Cultural Committee is to groom the students not only through academic events but also through sports and cultural events making him/her a well balanced individual.

The role and responsibility of Cultural Committee is to organize various events carried out at all levels successfully.



The Student Academic Committee comprises of 2 elected student representatives who are the bridge between the students in class and the faculty.

The mission of Student Academic Committee is to ensure smooth functioning of lectures in the classroom.

The roles and responsibilities of Student Academic Committee are:

  • To inform the students about the weekly/daily lecture schedule.
  • To coordinate with the faculty members and Administrator on a daily basis.
  • To email notes, slides, etc. to all the students.



The Hospitality Committee comprises of elected student representatives and an Administration Officer. They represent the culture of the Institute and are constantly on move during any event on campus.

The mission of the Hospitality Committee is to ensure that the Institute receives a positive feedback from all the guests.

The roles and responsibilities of the Hospitality Committee are:

  • To ensure that all the guests are well attended and catered too.
  • To get a rating from the guests for the evaluation of the event as a whole.
  • To coordinate with various clubs and committees.



The Infrastructure and Health Care Committee is one of the most important committees at the Institute.

The mission of Infrastructure and Health Care Committee is to ensure utmost hygiene and state of the art infrastructure at the Institute.

The roles and responsibilities of Infrastructure and Health Care Committee are:

  • To check the quality of food (calories, etc.) served at the Canteen.
  • To inform the Administrator about the repair works if necessary at certain places.
  • To propose new facilities and assist in implementation of the same.
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