MMS - Program Overview

More the students are engaged in the learning process; greater is the impact on their career & personality development. As a result, better ideas and practices are learnt and implemented. Recognizing this need, PTVA employs and emphasizes on a blend of various simulation techniques for Management Education like case studies, role plays, projects, guest lectures, industrial visits, seminars and group discussions.

Evaluation criteria:

We follow a system of continuous evaluation of student performance during each of the semesters. This includes class tests, assignments, projects and presentations.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Relevance of the curriculum to practical business applications
  • Fusion of theoretical inputs with practical applications
  • Emphasis on fostering team work and on personal effectiveness
  • Focus on self- management and development of learning skills

Value Addition:

Personality development courses, foreign languages, Overseas and indigenous study tours with value-Added programmes

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