Part- Time Master's Degree Programme- Eligibility

Admission: Eligibility And Selection Criteria

Every candidate must have

  • Passed a Bachelor's degree examination in any faculty of this University or an examination recognised by this university as equivalent thereto OR
  • Candidate who pass the graduateship Examination in- Industrial Engineering, Mumbai and who subsequently qualify in the GATE examination conducted by Government of India through IIT will be considered eligible for admission to the part-time degree courses (Circular No.UG.414 dated 15/02/1992)
  • Acquired a minimum two years work experience – (Supervisory/Executive level), the experience being counted from the day subsequent to the last day of the qualifying examination passed by the candidate. In selecting the candidate for admission, weightage will be given to (a) scholastic record of the candidates ; (b) the level and nature of practical experience ; and (c) performance in the selection programme conducted by the institute. Applicants are required to submit verification certificates of the following at the time of submitting the application forms:-

    (a) Certified True copy of Mark Sheet of Bachelors Degree Examination;

    (b) Certified True copy of University Degree and/or Professional Diploma if any;
    (c) Certified True copy of Practical Experience. (if the practical experience is in more than any company a separate work experience certificate signed by the employer stating clearly the nature of work experience is to be submitted.)

As the screening will be done on the basis of the above information, candidates in their own interest are advised to submit full details of academic qualifications and work experience. Submitted selection programme will be used to assess the candidate's maturity and capacity to participate in the programme effectively.

Every candidate seeking admission to any of the Part-time Master's Degree Programme must submit his/her application before the last date and go through the selection process on the dates prescribed by the institute. No candidate will be permitted to join the Master's Degree Programme he/she submits the application in time AND goes through the selection process successfully.

Candidate admitted to the Part-Time Master's Degree programme after completing formalities and who have passed the D.M.S examination of this University can be exempted from keeping terms and appearing at the First Year of the respective course, i.e. MHRDM,MMM,MFM,MIM Degree courses.

Post Graduadte Registration And Eligibility

All candidates selected for admission to any Master's Degree Programmes are required to register with the University as Post-graduate students. No candidate will be allowed to pursue any other course of this/any other University simultaneously. Selection of the candidates for admission to any of the Master's Degree Programme is provisional and confirmed only on the fulfilling the following:

  • Candidates who are graduates of the University of Mumbai will be required to produce Transference Certificates from Constitute College of this University, last attended by them, at the time of admission, if selected.
  • Candidates who are graduates of other Universities will be required to produce a provisional statement of eligibility issued by the Registrar, University of Mumbai, declaring them eligible for admission to the course. The admission will only be confirmed after confirmation of their eligibility by the University.
  • A provisional Eligibility Certificate is issued by the Registrar to candidate who is prima facie found eligible for admission to the course on making an application in the prescribed form and on paying the prescribed fee in cash for the students migrating to the Universities in the state of Maharashtra.
  • Finally, Statement of Eligibility required for confirmation of Eligibility should be submitted to the University through the Institute latest by the end of the first semester.


No exemptions in any subject / term/ year is allowed although the applicant has studied similar subjects in the other programmes in management conducted by this / any other University.

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