Part- Time Master's Degree Programme - Program Overview

Programme Objectives

The emerging Business challenges require corporate to create a reservoir of versatile executives with a strong base of functional knowledge along with general management perspective. Formal management education through a full time program can meet this need but is not practical as it requires executives to stay away from their workplace for an extended period. The evening and distance education programs and other similar options lack quality, relevance to field realities and hence, effectiveness. PTVA's IM uniquely designed Executive Management Program addresses the above shortcomings and fills the gap in providing high quality management education to Practicing executives with minimal absence from their workplace. It has enabled sponsoring companies to harness latent talent and transform them to general managers and business leaders of tomorrow.

Programme-Wise Objectives Master's Degree in Financial Management (MFM)

The program covers all the related areas of Finance and Accounting with emphasis on managerial applications. Candidates having experience in Finance or related areas of finance such as management services, project planning and control, corporate planning, management audit, internal audit, marketing analysis and economic analysis will find these programs useful.




Master's Degree in Marketing Management (MMM)

The program covers all the related areas of marketing including public sector marketing. It seeks to develop an integrated top management perspective, which is necessary for marketing executive to move into top-level general management positions. Candidates seeking admission to this program must have practical experience in any of the following related areas: Marketing Planning, Sales Management, Marketing Research, Distribution, Public Relation, Advertising, Export Marketing and Applied Economics.




Master's Degree in Human Resources Development Management (MHRDM)

The objective of this program is to prepare Executives for top-level Human Resources positions in public or private sector organizations. The emphasis will therefore, be on developing a proper role perception of Human Resources Development in the Indian context by exposing them to a wide range of relevant areas, sufficiently in depth so that they may gain the confidence necessary to interact with people at all levels and develop the Human Resources skills for translating policies into action effectively. Candidates having executive experience in Human Resources Development related field in private/public organization, Government, etc. will find this program useful.



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